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Share A Dream Foundation, Founded by Nenad Korof brings awareness and helps in the fight against depression with the young generation.


Founded by Nenad Korof #MoneyWithNeno

Growing up can be tough for teens these days. I struggled with severe depression in my teen years and I understand the tough battles one can face mentally that makes everyday life more challenging than what it already is. Worst of all I lacked getting good guidance from my surroundings. Teenagers are not being made more aware of the possible opportunities that lie around; opportunities that can suit their character and help prevent future crime. Share A Dream will be creating a various programs that are more up with the times that will reach out to this generation's more effectively to help attack these problems. While at the same time help various other organizations build fund to attack other youth problems. -Nenad Korof, Founder

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Nenad Korof's CopyProfitShare will be contributing $1 per every new member that joins the software. It will allow the new member to choose from a drop down selection where they want to contribute the money to and will be releasing the money quarterly to the various different foundations the members picked.

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